Everything Rises and Falls with Leadership!!!

Social Media Etiquette


Emotional Intelligence


The Internet has Revolutionized the way we Live and Work, but Like many modern inventions, its benefits haven’t come without consequences. With literally all of the world’s knowledge at our fingertips; social and interpersonal skills and the coping mechanisms to deal with stress, rejection or depression are a critical component to mastering the natural defenses of emotional intelligence to handle all of this access to unfiltered instantaneous information and gratification causing Internet and Smartphone Addiction, Fomo and Nomophobia.

Smartphone Addiction

Hi-profile Individuals, Executives and Employees communicate much differently today than they did 25-30 years ago not realizing the long-term potential consequences and pitfalls of an Emotional response to a tweet, email, voice mail, post or text message; subsequently resulting in having a permanent transcript of everything they say and do and can be made public at any time. We can help you Master your Emotional Intelligence thus Navigating the pitfalls of living in a Digital World.

Social and Interpersonal Skills

Everyone has or will Face Temptation in their Life. Before you can unlock that door and Reach your true Full Potential, you must first Accept Who You Are. We help people who struggle with Smartphone Addiction and Social Media Etiquette and develop a strategy to help them learn how to operate in the Real Life. We help foster critical thinking skills that help people learn how to function and communicate in the real world. We offer engaging exercises where you must use interpersonal skills to succeed. We also help our clients learn how to handle criticism in today’s digital world, helping them learn to work through it rather than succumbing to those pitfalls , permanent transcripts and unpleasant consequences.


FOMO | Nomofobia

Attention is my New Addiction! Our Energetic and Interactive Training will Help Break you Away From Your Chronic Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in a Digital World Reclaiming Your Brain From Social Media Addiction while Escaping the Strong Desire of the Virtual World Over Human Interaction Challenge You to Think About Your Life and What attaches you to this World Get You Thinking Out of the Box 

Quick Note

Within Every Failure Lies the Seeds of Success ! Life Sometimes Punches You in the Gut and if your Social and Interpersonal Skills aren’t Developed enough to Deal with Stress, Rejection, form meaningful relationships you become depressed and turn to a device instead of people who care about you

Call to Action

The Key to Success is to Visualize! Do our brains really want us to nurture and preserve our fortress of illusion vs our view of truth? Think of your brain like a computer running many programs & apps. Each uses only a small amount of memory, but if you open enough of them your computer will slow down or even lock up!!!! Experiences like this each day can lead to costly mistakes! Whether it is a business or personal response to a text, tweet, recorded message or post: one bad choice of words can ruin your career and/or future.